Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time to Climb Back on the Saddle

Since last August, this blog has fallen silent because, for the most part, I did. The kids are grown and the grandkids are growing. The preacher's roof didn't seem to house that much anymore, and better preachers (much less better writers) have churned out enough "how to" books. So what was left for me to say?
But then one person, a missionary preacher of sorts, really got under my skin by pushing his political agenda on me in a way that touched a nerve. Not because I disagreed with his point of view, although I do, but because of the larger issue of his using his position to forward a political agenda.
Regardless of whether the government (this administration?) says I can or not, I have no business preaching politics when I should be preaching the gospel. The pulpit - mine anyway - is no place for politics. And no, I really don't care what the IRS thinks. It's just that I have to pastor all those people I've estranged long after the election is over. Making myself a spokesman for a political party or politician diminishes and damages my ministry.
I don't care to listen to that particular preacher again. I don't care to support his ministry. I can't be certain that he displays enough sound judgement to warrant my support. It's a shame to see a man drive away people like that, but he's done it to himself. A hard lesson, I hope he's learns it.