Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our Obama Culture

Okay, President Obama doesn't decide school curriculum. He doesn't persecute Christians. He doesn't create the rules that say a child who points his finger at someone and says "bang" can be suspended for bringing a weapon to school. Nope. You know those crazy rules? He didn't do that. He needed help - or something like that.

On the other hand, I don't remember those crazy ideas existing anywhere before Obama came into office. So how and why did they begin at just the moment he was sworn in? Or at least it seems that way. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Barack Obama's election was perhaps the single most influential change in direction in our nation's history. In effect, it was a signal to every liberal ideology which heretofore had been held in check by the effect of the Reagan legacy. Obama not only killed the Reagan legacy, he resurrected liberalism. His election declared "open season and anything goes" for liberalism in all its gory glory.

Liberals held every dominate office and effectively held all branches of the federal government, including the Supreme Court. They could not be stopped by Republican token resistance. The outcome has been not only the most pervasive and invasive liberal government in our history. It has produced the cultural revolution that is hollowing out what heart remains of this once great nation.

In other words, Obama may not make all the decisions in our cockeyed country at the moment, but he created the culture that is responsible for those decisions. Our culture is the mirror image of his values, his tastes, his ideology, and yes, his politics. We are living in Obama's world.

Like the prodigal son, when we awaken to discover the mess we're in, then and then only we will have the desire to leave the hog pen behind and turn toward a better life. But, like the prodigal, we will have to do a lot of repenting to get there.

Repentance and salvation for our country is possible, provided we come to our senses. Pray we wake up before it's too late.