Monday, September 21, 2009

Dad's Secret Weapon, Part Two

Every pastor has had the experience of watching people either freeze up or flee in panic once they hear the preacher is at the door. I remember one occasion when the visiting evangelist and I arrived at home just after the family returned from the grocery store. We watched as they carted their bags into the house, then we knocked on the front door and waited. No one came. After an embarrassing long wait, I went around the house and discovered the family had sneaked out the back door and gone to the neighbors to avoid us.
There are situations I cannot enter and people I cannot reach. When that reality began to sink in, I faced a very real question: How do I gain access to these people? Enter the secret weapon. My kids, two daughters and a son, have gone with me on visitation from the time they could hold a gospel tract. They learned first hand the difficulties and the victories of talking to people about spiritual issues. As a result, they learned to talk to people about the Lord as well, and they became effective at reaching people I could never approach. Kids do not have titles such as "reverend" or "doctor." They also have no fear. They will talk to people that most adults would just as soon leave alone. Kids do not make value judgments that adults use to deprive themselves of opportunities. They look past the things that stop us cold ("His hair is too long;" "He's wearing chains;" "There are things sticking out of his face;" and "What did she do to her hair?"). They invite their friends, and their friends, because they are friends, respond.
Frankly, my kids accomplished more at getting certain people into church than I ever could. Now that our kids are grown and gone on with their lives, I've lost my secret weapon. My wife and I are too old for more kids, and I need help. Maybe I can borrow the grandkids.

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