Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Tis the Season, So Far

You know. It's the season for some preachers to come out of the woodwork against all things Christmas. Time for the annual message against Santa Claus, "Christ Mass," and my favorite, "Baal Trees." Oh please. Can we just agree for once that 99.99% of the general public has no idea what all the fuss is about? As a matter of fact, probably 99.9% do not know that a fuss exists. They do not know - and don't care - that Christmas was a Catholic mass; that "Santa Claus" is the mispronunciation of "Saint Nicholas;" that Christmas trees probably really were "Yule logs" that descend from Celtic paganism. Who cares?
As a matter of fact, the atheists do - a bunch. If certain preachers and well meaning defenders of the faith can't identify with Christmas, the rest of godless America certainly identifies us with those traditions, every last one of them. As a result, there are wacky, witless public schools in our land who will not allow the colors red and green to be worn during the holiday season. The colors are considered too religious. Pardon my purple rage but exactly what color is Christian? Children can't sing Christmas carols in school anymore. (I remember the entire student body of my very public high school standing at the playing of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" during our Christmas assembly before vacation.) And don't even think of putting up a "Baal Tree" on public property; or uttering those sanctified words "Merry Christmas."
Our country is working overtime to rid itself of every last remnant of Christmas tradition so as to avoid any mention of the gospel at all costs. Meanwhile, somewhere in this vast secular landscape, a preacher will rail against Christmas trees, presents, and the ever-evil Santa Claus.
It's time we realized something. The fight isn't over Santa Claus. The secular humanists hate him too. They want to rid this country of every reference to the Christmas holiday and replace it with the "Mother Earth"/global warming cult. By preaching against our cultural traditions, we are playing into the hands of secularists who are trying to destroy our culture and replace it with their own invention. Don't be too quick to preach against Christmas. If we are not careful, we may get what we ask.

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