Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Dilemma Named Gabby

Just in case anyone was bothering to notice, we've been hit with a wonderful set of contradictions this past week. First, there was the controversy involving Chick-fil-A, the Cathy family and their attempt to have an opinion (horrors!). Never mind that their opinion agreed with one once held by a certain B. H. Obama of Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C. It was the opinion of a Christian. And of course, we can't have one of those running around spouting ideas. According to liberal dogma (the gospel of all truly tolerant people as long as you agree with them), Christians are inherently racist, bigoted, hate-filled and hate-mongering troglodytes who are not worthy of respect, much less an opinion. Such people can't be normal. And God help us all if they are too good to be true, which in today's world equals what we used to call "normal" about a generation or two ago.
But then along came Gabby. Gabby is the ear-to-ear grinning sprite who does other-worldly things in gymnastics. This past week, she became the first African American gymnast to win the individual gold medal in the Olympics. She accomplished this feat by spiraling through floor exercises and then landing as if she had been nailed to the floor. Fantastic.
Everything was set for the best script possible in the liberal way of thinking. We have a minority winning the individual gold medal at the Olympics. Not just a minority, mind you, but an African-American minority. And female to boot.  Perfect.
Then Gabby opened her mouth and everything went haywire. The first thing she said and did was to give all glory to God. What?? Liberals have been fainting ever since. What are they to do? Just when they had their perfect heroine, she turned out to be another one of those "glory to God" Christians. Mind you, everything would have been acceptable if she had just remained quiet, but she wouldn't be quiet. Her first interview was a full-fledged testimony of praise to God.
To say liberals are upset is putting it mildly. Their preconceived, narrow-minded, pigeon-hold, bigoted ideas of Christians and their supposed inability to walk upright has been splattered once more across the wide expanse of NBC Sports. Meanwhile, Gabby is grinning all the way to the bank and on every Kelloggs Corn Flakes box in the land. Liberals are in a snit and who can blame them? Christians aren't supposed to be this successful, this cheerful, or this attractive. They aren't supposed to be happy, normal, Bible-believing, God-loving minority females who don't subscribe to the liberal notions of what Bible believing Christians are supposed to be. And that's the liberals' dilemma with Gabby.
They've been Tebowed again.

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